What does agile mean? Mostly the interpretation is that it means doing the work in an iterative and incremental fashion, so that each new iteration can be flexible enough to rapidly react to constant change.
This is a good approach that should be taken regardless of whether one is doing enterprise architecture or solution development.

Other interpretations is that agile means development without architecture or analysis, where the design only meets the current set of known requirements and the solution being developed must be refactored when the requirements change.
This is good for development but not so good for long term strategic planning of enterprise architecture.

Iterative and incremental Enterprise Architecture

Terry Blevins has made some important insights in the Briefings Direct blog.

Enterprise Architecture exists to support the decisions that are made every day in an organisation. Enterprise Architecture helps to really understand the decisions that need to be made and to ensure that the decisions are made based on the facts. Each iteration of the enterprise architecture processes needs to be aligned to the speed at which an organisation needs to make decisions. In this way enterprise architecture be made agile. At the enterprise level, it's not about agile development but agile decision making.

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