Architecture Activities

The following table provides an overview of the activities of the Enterprise Architecture team.

Architecture Advisory Architecture Review Board Strategy Reference Architecture SOA EA Framework
Planning Analysis & Refinement Work as trend watch on future IT Architecture needs. Manage the portfolio of current and planned IT Architecture initiatives. Presentation of the IT architecture Recommend topics to the Architecture Review Board. Manage the ARB Recommendation Requests. Support the ARB. Manage the evolution of the Strategy (Principles, Preferred Products, Policies, Standards). Review the Preferred Products List Manage the scope and priorisation of topics by developing and maintaining the IT strategy. Plan the list of IT strategies to be realised by tasks in the architecture roadmap Manage the Service Areas and Service Categories. Manage the Service Catalogue Manage the evolution of the EA framework. Manage the EA Web Site
Checks & Controls Ensure that the Enterprise Architecture topics are communicated well in the organisation Ensure that the Enterprise Architecture Governance Process is used. Ensure good communication of ARB related information Monitor the strategy Monitor usage of Reference Architecture to detect focus points for further development Monitor the Solution Architecture in projects. Monitor the definition of Services and Service Components Ensure that the appropriate communication is in place
Execution Give advice in upcoming Architecture questions which are not project specific. Manage joint work between Solution Architects and other people working on Enterprise Architecture topics Work as ARB office. Manage special work products of the ARB. Improve the ARB Governance processes, roles, responsibilities according to the current and future needs Communicate the Architecture Principles. Manage changes to the Preferred Products List. Support the creation of new Recommendations , (including Innovations, Exceptions, Deviations). Establish lifetime management for software products. Active communication and coaching for users of the Reference Architecture. Harvesting of project results to enhance the Reference Architecture. Support the Solution Architects in their compliance assessments. Develop the high level strategies to detail the scope and direction of the IT strategy. Active communication and coaching for users of the Service Oriented Framework. Harvesting of Solution Architecture documents to ad to the curretn state Enterprise Architecture. Support the Solution Architects in developing Services. Improve and enhancing the Service Oriented Framework. Define EA Development processes. Define an Architecture Compliance Strategy. Encourage buy-in of the EA concept by key stakeholders.
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