EA Management Process

The Enterprise Architecture Management Process is used to manage the overall Enterprise Architecture work.

Goals of the EA Management Process
Achieve a clear overview of the current state and target state Enterprise Architecture models
Analyse every aspect of the Business Service, Business Process, Information, Application and Technology Architecture viewpoints effected by an architecture requirements.
Instantly identify pain points (Topics and Gaps) and initiate plans to rectify gaps, redundancies and overlaps in the enterprise portfolio with Architecture Recommendations.
Plan the target enterprise architecture by analysing the current business and IT strategies and vision, designing an appropriate Reference Architecture and creating the Architecture Roadmap.
Define enterprise Principles, Standards and Guidelines and review the Target Enterprise Architecture by verifying Solutions developed by projects for consistency and compliance to enterprise architecture standards.
Analyse the gaps between the current state and target state enterprise architectures, and propose new projects needed in order to realise the Architecture Building Blocks with development of bespoke applications or acquisition of COTS applications.
Ensure that the Business Services, offered to customers, are realised by Business Processes, and Applications Services provided by the underlying Applications.
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