EA Roadmap

An Enterprise Architecture Roadmap is a ordered sequence of Enterprise Architecture initiatives that are required in order to make the transition from the current enterprise Architecture baseline to the future target Enterprise Architecture vision.
The initiatives are based on the planned architecture requirements such as Topics and Gaps to be analysed and architecture decisions and recommendations that will be required.

Enterprise Architecture initiatives can include any activities such as:

  • Producing consultation documents and white papers
  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Sponsoring a new delivery project for cross programme/project issues
  • Training and education in new techniques such as the Service Oriented Architecture approach

The Enterprise Architecture Roadmap should also show the alignment of the proposed Enterprise Architecture initiatives with the Business Initiatives and activities identified in the Target Operating Model, Business Strategy and Business Principles documents etc.

A Enterprise Architecture roadmap is also aligned to a Business Roadmap which shows the programme activities and planned delivery projects.

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