EA Roles

There are a number of different roles & responsibilities of Enterprise Architects working in the Enterprise Architecture team and elsewhere in the organisation.
It is important to realise that the same person may have multiple Roles.

Enterprise Architecture teams typically include people in the following roles:

  • Lead Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Domain Architect
  • Project Architect
  • Business Architect
  • Application Architect
  • Information Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Security Architect

Enterprise Architect Role

Enterprise Architects apply architectural processes and techniques across the enterprise.
Enterprise Architects lead the development of a single holistic enterprise architecture model for the whole of the organisation, from all architecture perspectives (Business Services, Business Processes, Information, Applications and Technology).
They ensure the Enterprise Architecture is closely aligned to the business Strategy, Business Operating Model and IT strategy, and satisfies all enterprise architecture requirements.
They also investigate and make recommendations on Architecture Decisions concerning Architecture Requirements (Topics & Gaps) raised by their stakeholdes, such as the Delivery Projects.

Solution Architect Role

Solutions Architects provide a bridge between specific business problems and issues and the solutions which are needed to support them.
They require a knowledge of the Enterprise Architecture, as one of their roles is to ensure compliance with the Enterprise Architecture in the project.
Solutions Architect roles are project facing and provide two areas of support:
With a business focus, ensuring the solution meets with the business requirements.
With a enterprise focus ensuring that the enterprise requirements for reuse, compliance to standards, principles, traceability to enterprise reference models, and alignment with the target enterprise architecture vision.

Domain Architect Role

Domain Architects are specialists with in-depth knowledge within the particular domain of their expertise.
They can be part of the Enterprise Architecture Team or working in various Delivery Projects.
The word domain is used to relate to the skills sets required for a niche area of knowledge.

Examples of Domain Architect Roles include:

  • Access Services Architect
  • Integration Services Architect
  • Data Services Architect
  • Infrastructure Services Architect
  • Process Design Architect
  • Domain Expert for a COTS Application (i.e. SAP, Oracle, Siebel, etc.)
  • Business Architect with business specific knowledge (i.e. Share Trading)
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