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i think some unusually bugs in your software, please contact the customer care and fix the error,

Recently I've tried the following EA tools:

BiZZdesign Architect
Avolution Abacus
Salamander MOOD
MetaStorm ProVision

The first two are definitely modern tools that fully support IEEE 1471 concepts and separation of concerns. Both are excellent.

The last two suffer from an odd design quirk that means that a view (i.e. a diagram) must belong to an object.
The result of this quirk is that to create context free diagrams they must belong to a dummy object.
Why are these tools built this way ?

Another common feature is a proprietary way of drawing business process flow (Event value chain) diagrams in a truly BPMN style.
The data object that is input or output from a Business Process or an Activity is not the same data object that is modelled elsewhere in the tool.
Mega is particularly bad at this.

Neither Mega or ProVision seem to know how Services (Business Services, Application Services etc.) should be modelled either.
Both these can be customised to improve them but I for one would expect support for modelling SOA to be there by default.

In comparison both Avolution Abacus and BiZZdesign Architect are sweet and painless to use.
Why are they not in Gartners magic Quadrant then?

EA tools that I've tried recently by Adrian Campbell (guest), 28 Mar 2010 20:00

Hi All,
It would be nice if someone could throw some light on the effective EA governance processes. Are there any industry standards for the same ?
Are there any existing processes ?

Answers are most welcome… :)

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