An Enterprise Architecture Framework describes how an Enterprise Architecture, consisting of information, people, applications, business processes, technology and infrastructure, can be modelled in its entirety.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework is simply a means of structuring and classifying architecture models and views.
Given the potentially large number of different models required for document an Enterprise Architecture, there is a risk of repetition or oversight, and potentially difficulty in finding a specific model.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework makes it easier to understand what architecture work has been completed because it imposes a common structure to the architecture deliverables.
John Zachman (Zachman) was the first to come up with an Enterprise Architecture Framework.

An Architecture Framework is a tool which is used to define the structure of an enterprise architecture.
It classifies and organises a cohesive set of documents, diagrams, models and their interrelationships, in order to provide a common approach and understanding and a common vocabulary for describing the content of an architecture and accessing its contents.
The individual architecture models in an enterprise architecture are arranged in a logical and structured manner, so that the architectural information can be viewed from many perspectives and it can satisfy many needs, providing an ever-increasing level of detail as required.

The architecture models describe an organisation from the following main perspectives:

  • Strategic objectives and goals
  • Processes and organisation
  • Information and data
  • Systems, applications, services and components
  • Technology & Infrastructure

Although there are many perspectives and views on one single enterprise architecture.
The value of an enterprise architecture is not in any one individual architecture perspective, but in the relationships, interactions, and dependencies among all of them.

Describes the different Enterprise Architecture Domains.

Describes the different layers of Enterprise Architecture models, views from the viewpoint of different stakeholders from the high level down to a level of excruciating detail.

Example EA Frameworks

EA Framework Description
vsm_ea an EA framework based on Stafford Beer's Viable System Model (VSM)
iea_framework My EA Framework
iea_simple_framework My Simple EA Framework
archimate_framework An EA framework based on Archimate
zachman_framework the Zachman Framework
Evernden Eight an EA Framework based on Roger Evernden's eight dimensions
Information Framework the IBM Information FrameWork (IFW)
IAF The Cap Gemini EA framework
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