IEA Framework
  Information Architecture Process Architecture Organisation Architecture Application Architecture Technology Architecture Performance Architecture Enterprise Process
What How Who When Where Why
Strategy Information Principles Process Principles Organisation Principles Application Principles Technology principles Business Strategy Architecture Governance Process
Context Information/ Data Standards Process Standards Organisation Standards Application Standards Technology Standards IT Strategy Architecture Compliance Process
Governance Business Strategy (Information) Business Strategy (process) Business Strategy (organisation) IT Strategy (applications) IT Strategy (technology) Critical Success factors Deliverable Templates (Governance)
Strategy Business Scenarios Goals
Foundation Architecture Information Categories Function Hierarchy Business Areas Business Event Hierarchy Technology Policies Business Plan Architecture Development Process
Reference Enterprise Data Model Function Model Organisation Chart System Context Diagram Technology Patterns Operational Plan Project Governance Process
Classification Analysis Patterns (high Level) Process Model Stakeholder List (Enterprise) Component Model Technology Requirements Policies Project Management Process
Current baseline Information Reference Model Process Patterns Business Users Application Architecture Patterns Non-Functional Requirements Contract templates Deliverable Templates (Architecture)
Target Vision Information Requirements Process Requirements (Business) Roles Design Patterns Technical Reference Model Service Management Service Usage Guidelines
Information Decision Business Service Requirements Organisation Requirements Application Map Service Areas Service Level Agreement Gap Analysis
Business Context Diagram Organisation Decision Application Requirements Service Categories Service Contract Feasibility Process
Process Decision Skill Pool Service Catalogue Operational Model Architecture Master Plan
Business Scenarios Application Services Technology Decision Architecture Decision
(Business) Use Case Model Service Component Specification Budget
Application Decision Total Cost of Ownership
Application Scenarios Security View
System (Analysis Logical) Analysis Class Models Business Process Model (System) Roles (System) Component Model Technology Types Rules System Development Process
Platform Independent Logical Data Models (System) Use Case Model Actors Application Services Business requirements Component Based Development Process
Project Activity Diagrams Skills Service Components System requirements UML
Component Assembly Service Model User interface Model Balanced Scorecard (logical) RUP
Deliverable Templates (system development)
Procurement Process
System (Design Physical) Database Schemas Interaction Diagrams RBAC Model Deployment Model Network Design Balanced Scorecard System Development Process
Platform Specific XML Schemas Authorisations Service Component Environment Design Test Cases Component Based Development Process
Project XML Messages Access Rights Infrastructure Component Service Delivery Process
Component Delivery Deliverable Templates (system development)
Solution Database Tables Workflows Active Directory Model Applications Nodes Service level Agreements Service Support Process
Operational Data Warehouse Management Handbook LDAP Model Preferred Product List Network Service Contracts Service Management Process
Support User Interfaces Infrastructure Deliverable Templates (Operations)
Component Repository Communications
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