IEA Simple Framework
Levels of Abstraction Business IT Evolution & Governance IT Process
Strategy Vision IT Strategy Transition Strategy Abstract view
Mission IT Policy Trends Soft skills
Core Values IT Goals Initiatives
Core Purpose IT Principles Guidelines
Business Strategy Principles
Business Goals Directions
Business Principles Balanced Business Scorecard
Foundation Architecture Processes High Level Information Architecture Transition plans Enterprise Scope
Analysis Objectives High Level Process Architecture Roadmaps Management Planning
High Level Application Architecture Service Level Agreements Solution structure
High Level Technology Architecture Metrics High level view
Architecture Building Blocks COBIT
Architecture Patterns Governance
System Analysis Business Design IT Analysis Analysis Plans System Architecture
System Information Architecture Measurements Software Analysis & Design
System Process Architecture Component Architecture
System Application Architecture UML
System Technology Architecture Platform Independent System Models
Solution Design & Development Business Development IT Design Development Plans Development skills
IT Development Testing Plans RUP
Detailed and concrete
Solution Delivery Business Delivery IT Deployment Operations ITIL
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