Interaction With Programmes Projects

Interactions between the EA team and programmes and delivery projects

The interactions between programmes/ projects and the EA team are defined rather formally.
It will allow the programmes and EA to achieve the following:

Avoid duplication of work Informed recommendations by EA require a lot of information that is also collected by delivery project teams. Sharing must prevail over re-work.
Minimise sign-off period when project deliverables are ready It is important for EA to understand early the rationale behind choices made by the delivery projects. Likewise EA will aim to identify and share its areas of focus early on so that projects can address them rapidly.
Reduce surprises Sign-off by EA is a mandatory step for programme and delivery project teams. Early agreement on the areas of EA focus and on the need for new EA guidelines are key to avoid last minute problems.
Manage differing views objectively Standard templates were defined to facilitate the articulation by programmes and the EA team of potential differences (EA gaps).
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