Metastorm Provision

MetaStorm ProVision is an EA tool that I've tried recently.
It's got lots of promise, but comes over as a UML tool that has been tarted up a bit with business process modelling and some enterprise architecture concepts.

It doesn't do much for those wanting to model SOA and has many of the strange failings that Mega also has.
It always makes me think that the tool designers don't really understand what Enterprise Architects need from a tool. It's certainly not the same as what a Solution Architect might use.
An EA tool is used more for strategic planning, governance, portfolio management and creating roadmaps and less about detailed UML design, which is best left to tools such as Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect.

For instance, a diagram is not a stand alone view (as one would expect from IEEE 1471) but must be 'owned' by another object.
The result of this is that one ends up creating dummy objects as the owners of your Views.
I'm planning to add a customer View object just for this purpose.

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