Performance Domain

A Business Case for Enterprise Architecture

Business Case

The Return on Investment for Enterprise Architecture

ROI for EA

Enterprise Architecture Performance

Describes the target performance measurements that are used to track the quality and performance of the target Enterprise Architecture.
Performance is measured in terms of targets for goals, objectives, support for business results, EA Scorecard, EA Maturity levels.
EA Metrics

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Level

The Architecture Maturity Model is organised into 6 levels, based on the Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM).
Each level represents an increased ability to control and manage the Enterprise Architecture.
EA Maturity Assessment

Enterprise Architecture Score Card

A target Enterprise Architecture Scorecard created based on the Porters Balance Business Scorecard approach.
EA Scorecard

Enterprise Architecture Governance

EA Governance

Enterprise Architecture Compliance Assessment

EA Compliance Assessment

FEA Performance

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework includes the Performance Reference Model (PRM) that is used to measure the performance of major IT investments and their contribution to programme performance.
The PRM is structured around Measurement Areas, Measurement Categories, Measurement Groupings, and Measurement Indicators.

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