planningIT Meta Model

The alfabet planningIT solution provides a comprehensive, practice-proven and customizable meta-model that covers the areas of enterprise architecture management, demand to budget, strategy management, change management, collaboration and governance. The figure below shows a simplified view of the meta-model for enterprise architecture management.


The complete meta-model has over 500 classes. While at the first glance the high number of classes in the planningIT meta-model might be a bit surprising, it is on reflection just a measure of the high-level of maturity attained by planningIT meta-model.

Experience has shown that even if you start with a very restricted project scope, which also usually means a smaller initial meta-model (such as provided for by most standard frameworks), you will soon arrive at a point where you need to extend, reshape and partially redesign the meta-model to meet new project requirements. These are sources of hidden costs and time-traps which will certainly be experienced if you start with theory-driven meta-model. The best-practise planningIT meta-model avoids these traps and provides genuine savings of time and costs during the implementation of customers projects.

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