Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a common basis for the future state Architecture for an enterprise.
Generally this is seen as a technical issue where the focus is on designing Application Services as SOAP or REST based Web Services.
However organisations usually need to first understand what a Service is and think in terms of Business Services from a a business perspective before designing Application Services from an application or infrastructure perspective.

The Enterprise Architecture language ArchiMate is good in this respect since it has a strong focus on Services at all levels and on integrating concepts in the Business layer, Application layer and infrastructure Layer.


TOGAF 9 has also a similar meta model stressing the centrality of Services although it's definitions are not yet fully aligned with ArchiMate definitions.

TOGAF also now has a page on Using TOGAF to Define & Govern SOAs.
The Open Group's SOA Working Group has published a collection of source material for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture at Open Group SOA Source Book.


Another interesting and useful resource on Services is provided by the CBDI-SAE model.
CBDI-SAE has a detailed SOA Reference Architecture Framework, meta-model for SOA, service life cycle and SOA principles.

An article in the March 2009 CBDI-Journal discusses how TOGAF 9 and CBDI-SAE are complementary best practices and the April 2009 edition another article on a UML Profile for CBDI-SAE and a Meta Model for SOA.

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