Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect

Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect

This is an excellent and effective UML tool that can be used for modelling at any point in the overall architecture lifecycle, covering both Enterprise Architecture modelling, BPML modelling and UML modelling right down to XML and code.

Each new release brings fresh capabilities at a very affordable price that anyone can pay.
No need to beg procurement to buy it or be forced to use Visio, you can afford to buy your own copy.
There is a time limited 30-day trial version that you can download, allowing you to try out all the features of Enterprise Architect.

As well as support for Archimate it has support for using the Zachman Framework, TOGAF and FEA frameworks.
Many UML profiles are available to extend the tool, including the CBDI-SAE profile for Service Oriented Architecture.

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