An Enterprise Architecture model can be created for various states.

Current State

This is a model of the current or 'as- is' situation.

Development State

This is a model of the work that is currently under development within integration or development projects.

Future State

This is a model of the future vision or 'to - be' situation. There may be several Future State models for 2 years and for 5 years into the future.

Quick Wins

This is a model of the initiatives that can be immediately undertaken in order to achieve something of value within a short timescale.

Versions and iterations

A model is only useful if it is up to date, and each model is not static but will continually evolve iteratively.
There will often be more than one version of a Future State Enterprise Architecture model, representing, for example, different alternative strategies.

Federated Enterprise Architecture Models

An Enterprise Architecture model may not initially cover the scope of the whole organisation, but could cover just the scope of a change programme within an organisation or a major division.

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