Technology Architecture

The Technology Architecture describes the hardware, software and infrastructure environment that is required to support the development and host the deployment of the application components described in the Application Architecture.

Technology Domains

Technology Domains.
Based on existing technology, hardware and physical infrastructure categories used.
Technology categories can be defined based on the TOGAF Technical Reference Model (TRM)
or on the FEA Technical Reference Model (TRM)

Technology Patterns

Technology Patterns include Mainframe, Linux, Microsoft

Integration Patterns

Integration Patterns include Enterprise Service Bus, Message Queueing etc. Also Web Services (SOAP and REST).

A good resource for application integration patterns is IBM Patterns for eBusiness.

Infrastructure Services

These are essential the same as Application Services but are provided by infrastructure components, system software, embedded software etc.

Infrastructure Components

These are software components such as the system software, embedded software, database management systems, message queueing systems, enterprise service bus, application servers, web servers, utilities, tools etc.

Persistent Data Storage

These are the data artifacts such as relational databases, database tables, flat files, xml data stores, message queues etc that hold persistent data.

Meta Models

ArchiMate Technology Layer Meta Model



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