An EA Framework based on the Viable System Model

VSM-EA System Information Process Organisation Application Technology Performance Roles
Meta System System 5 Brands Functions Culture Strategy Executive
Policy Making Identity Business Direction Rewards Goals Senior manager
Strategy Events Policy making process Morale Principles
Forces ultimate authority Vision
Policy Values Decisions
Domains Executive Board Context
Market Segment Mandate Policies
Purpose Performance
System 4 Knowledge Market Research Learning Centre Innovative Products Innovations Governance Enterprise Architect
Intelligence Intellectual Capital Assessment Conferences Models Models Plans Planner
Adaption Simulations Learning Forums Technology Changes Rules Portfolio Manager
Enterprise Architecture Models Marketing Workshops Commands Programme Manager
Interpretations Research Skills Development Models Sponsor
Recommendations Exploration Competencies Options Maven
Business Processes Models Knowledge Salesman
Workflows Collaboration centre Future Trends
Models Marketing Predictions
Adaptation Sales Target Architecture
Forward planning Transition plans
Strategy planning Risks
Forecasting Standards
System 3* Exception reporting Control Centre Compliance Auditor
Control Quality Gate Process Steering Board Audit report Quality Manager
Compliance Investigation Steering Group Optimisation Safety manager
Performance Indicators
Achievements Senior manager
Critical Success Factors
Health and Safety Environment
System 3 Status Resource negotiation Reporting Office Control Regulator
Control Dashboard Internal regulation Timetables Manager
Monitoring Optimisation Milestones Supervisor
synergy Project
Management by objectives Resources
System 2 Newsletters Conflict resolution Information Channels Facilitation Facilitator
Facilitation Company Web Site stability Project Office Coordination
Coordination management by walking about Schedule Committees
Cohesion Administration Coordinator
Communication Reviews Reviewer
Maintenance Administrator
Operations System 1 Activities Systems Hardware Alerts Operator
Operations Tasks Applications Events Developer
Implementation Primary activities Components Activities Manager
Business Area Products Products Implementer
Projects Services Users
Project manager
Environment Functioning Enterprise
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